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Eating Local, A Smart Choice

Oct 01, 2023

Moulin Abénakis

Eating local is much more than just a trend, it is a phenomenon that is part of a process of collective responsibility. In a world where our food travels an average of 2,500 km before ending up on our plates, choosing food from Quebec has many advantages, both for the consumer, for the community and the planet. With Moulin Abénakis, you have the opportunity to choose a diet that is good at all levels.

Promotes the local economy

The first benefit of eating local is economical. By purchasing local products, you contribute to the development and sustainability of local businesses. Moulin Abénakis, for example, is proud to contribute to the Quebec economy for more than 15 years with a wide range of organic products.

Best quality and freshness

When you choose local products, you opt for unparalleled freshness. Unlike imported foods, which have spent time in transit and storage, local produce gets to your table faster. Moulin Abénakis ensures the quality and freshness of its grains, flours and other organic products so that each bite is a moment of pure delight.

Reduction of carbon footprint

Transporting food over long distances generates significant greenhouse gas emissions. By opting for local products, you help reduce these emissions and thus protect our beautiful planet. The eco-responsible values ​​of Moulin Abénakis align perfectly with this vision.

Support for sustainable agriculture

By favoring local products, you often encourage more sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. At Moulin Abénakis, we are aware of the importance of sustainable and organic agriculture. Our products reflect this philosophy to offer you healthy and eco-responsible options.

Creating a conscious community

The choice to consume local can also be seen as a social act. It creates a direct link between the producer and the consumer, thus encouraging the development of a conscious and responsible community. It's a simple but effective way to contribute to a better world, where a spirit of community and mutual aid reigns.


The benefits of local consumption are numerous and varied, ranging from the local economy to the quality of what we eat, without forgetting the environmental impact. With Moulin Abénakis, you have the opportunity to make an informed choice that benefits everyone. Make a difference today!